Temple of Dog Pendant Large

Temple of Dog

Dog Pendant Large

This dog is wearing a bobble hat and is handmade from 18ct gold and highly polished, as well as oxidised sterling silver. Dogs are my favourite animal - as is probably clear from some of my photos on this website and on my various social media pages. When my sister, brother and I were kids we were always dressing our dogs up in various costumes (including my brother's Y-fronts which gave us no end of laughs). Stretch, Pap and LeRoy put up with it with grace and good humour so this is an ode to the dogs we had as kids, who we loved unreservedly and whose spirits inhabit the temples in our hearts.

Size: The pendant itself is 4x2.2cms

Chain: 24 inches

Materials: Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold

Packaging: Comes gift packaged in branded boxes

Delivery: FREE  worldwide

Dispatch Time: Currently two weeks

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