Spirit of the Valley

Spirit of the Valley

Border Collie Sheepdog Pendant Large

This Sheepdog necklace is handmade from highly polished as well as oxidised sterling silver. Border Collies are one of the cleverest animals on earth and are key in how the transport of livestock has been revolutionised in the last several hundred years. They are still key in farming in many countries and the breed has been mixed in some countries to suit their particular needs. That's why Australian Sheepdogs and those from Europe look so different . The Border Collie's speed, stamina and intelligence makes them such super dogs. I know from experience!

In order to get the black and white effect I oxidised the recessed areas. I also gave a shaggy texture to the otherwise highly polished chest of the sheepdog, to create that soft fluffiness that they have and you can really get your fingers into when you're giving them a good neck massage.

Actual Border Collie (my own Murf dog) not for sale...at any price!

It comes on a 24 inch sterling silver belcher chain with a bolt-ring catch that can be attached to any part of the chain so that you can also wear it as a choker.

Size: The pendant itself is 3x2.5cms

Materials: Sterling Silver

Chain: 24 inches

Packaging: Comes gift packaged in branded boxes

Delivery:  FREE worldwide

Dispatch Time: 1-2 days

Returns Policy & FAQ: Check my returns policy - if it isn't right, you can send it back for an exchange or refund

Saba Jewellery proudly supports compassion and I am very happy to say that I am now involved in a new partnership with a wonderful charity called Animals Asia. You can also click here to read the Soul Friends press release

I design and handcraft everything with the intention that it becomes an heirloom: something that you want to hold onto long into old age and pass down to someone else

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