Small Angel Wing Earrings Enamel & Silver

Angel wing earrings handmade from copper and enamel with sterling silver earhooks.

These angel wing earrings are great as an accessory to the wings necklace or just worn on their own. They are handmade from enamel and copper with sterling silver earring posts. Each wing is approximately 1.5” long.

Talismans are objects that contain magical properties bringing good luck for the owner and protecting them from harm.

Angels are seen as the liaison between heaven and earth and they symbolise love, comfort, protection, healing and creativity. They are also representative of spiritual awareness and divine presence in your life.

Black and white always works, always looks chic and never goes out of style. This range can be worn with any colour, any neckline and for any occasion. Jewellery is a very personal thing and these quirky earrings really makes a statement and look great whether your hair is long or short and looks great with one of the other black and white necklaces.

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