Fuschia Crossover Necklace Enamel & Sterling Silver

This fuschia necklace is handmade from enamel and copper with an oxidized sterling silver chain. The pendants are approximately 1 x.75” each while the chain is 26” long with a knot. It has a bolt ring catch at the back.

Talismans are objects that contain magical properties bringing good luck for the owner and protecting them from harm.

Symbolism :

Fuschia symbolises abundance in all aspects of one's life; abundance of joy, meaning, love... I also wanted something to represent nature in this collection and Fuschia is not only one of my favourite plants but it grows the length and breadth of Ireland.

Black and white always works, always looks chic and never goes out of style. This range can be worn with any colour, any neckline and for any occasion. Jewellery is a very personal thing. This monochromatic range works for those who want to make a subtle statement, as well as those who want to make a big statement.

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