Fish of Romance 3D Necklace in Sterling Silver

The Fish of Romance!

Yes, check out the fish symbolism below. Handmade in highly finished sterling silver and the chain is sterling silver belcher. The pendant is 3D and approximately 1” long while the chain is 28” long with a knot. It has a bolt ring catch at the back.

Talismans are objects that contain magical properties bringing good luck for the owner and protecting them from harm.

Fish are symbolic of good fortune for lovers and for finding love, as well as symbolising consciousness and creativity. It is an astrological sign for Pisces as well. The fish as a symbol has been used for thousands of years

Silver is very strong symbolically as it is associated with the moon. It works both from an artistic perspective and from an allegorical one. This range can be worn with any colour, any neckline and for any occasion.

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