Enamelling workshops.

I'm glad you clicked here! I run enamelling workshops from time to time. 

Next class is Saturday 15th of November 2014 (this is a one day workshop).

If you are interested, email me:

We use copper in the classes.

To see more photos of the process go to my Flikr page or click this link:

Beginners class: learning the basics of firing enamels in a kiln, safety, tools and equipment. Techniques such as sifting, sgraffito, using liquid and powdered enamels, silver foil, leaded and unleaded, transparent and opaque enamels. You'll make three copper "tiles" and a pendant (or a third tile if you'd prefer).

Enamelling Part II with etching: new class. Some experience necessary. This class is about texture, etching copper with nitric acid, wet inlay, using frit and mosaic texturing.