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These bright red and orange hearts are some of my bestselling gifts. Handmade using kiln-fired enamel and copper. Great for girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and great-grandmothers - seriously, any man or woman who has made it into great-grandparenthood deserves a Valentine's Day gift!

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€0.99 EUR
These handmade enamel heart earrings are one of my best selling items. I don't normally do designs like this but people love the love heart! It is very joyful and
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Valentine's Enamel Heart Pendant - Saba Jewellery

Enamel Heart Pendant Small

€60.00 EUR
This handmade enamel heart necklace combines both Orient Red and Tangerine Orange. It hangs from an 18" copper figaro chain. The heart pendant itself is approximately 1" long. Enamelled on
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Enamel Heart Necklace Large - Saba Jewellery

Enamel Heart Necklace Large

€75.00 EUR
This heart necklace is a real statement piece - very nice, bright and large. It is handmade using Orient Red and Tangerine Orange vitreous enamels. It hangs from a copper
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