InspirationThis is simply a page where I've listed some interesting websites - well, they're interesting to me anyhow! Mostly they're vegan, cruelty free, or simply sites that I like.

Live Kindly

This is a website/blog/newsletter which has loads of interesting news on who is doing what, creating what, wearing what and cooking what...and it is all about vegan living.

I know, veganism can sometimes seem as though it is top heavy with irritating hippies and people who are losing their minds, but the reality is so different. They are people doing their best to have a positive affect on the world and on animals. It may not be for everyone but personally I find this website very interesting and inspiring

Wills's Vegan Shoes

I currently have two pairs of Will's Vegan Shoes and I love them! You can buy them online and the delivery is really cheap £4 from London to Dublin), money back guaratee and they send along a pre-paid UPS docket in case you want to exchange or return them. I had to return the runners I got because they were half a size too big and they exchanged them and sent me a new pair for nothing. Top class service and they are superb. Look just like leather. Great value as well.