My Favourite Teddy : Whippet Art

Black Whippet in Enamel and Copper

This wall hanging is inspired by my own black Whippet, Winnie The Pooh who is a "failed" foster dog from Kildare Animal Foundation (I failed to hand her over when someone wanted to give her a new home). She's so cute and loving and cuddly I just couldn't do it. However, she did rip down the curtains, nibble the alarm wires, tear up the kitchen door and chewed the heels off four pairs of shoes.

This wall hanging is handmade from copper and enamel and I've included some production photos to show how it is made.

It is one of my varied editions. That means that the design is the same in each one but they all turn out differently - because they are handmade and because I use different colours for both the background and the Whippet.

Frame size is: 325x200mm and copper sheet size is approximately 100x210mm.

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