Enamelling Class Gift Voucher

How it works:
Option 1: When you purchase a gift voucher it will be posted to you along with one of my greetings cards. You will also be emailed a PDF of the voucher (in case you're running out of time), which you can print out and give to the recipient in person or you can email it to them (even on Christmas Day!)

Option 2: I can post it directly to the recipient, in an envelope with one of my new cards. I can include whatever greeting you would like.

You will also receive the PDF of what is involved in the enamelling class, directions to my workshop and everything that you need to know.

All you need to during the purchasing process is to choose option 1 or 2, plus your choice of greeting card and then include that information in the note section during check out, or by emailing me with your choice at info@saba.ie.

Redeeming the gift voucher online:
The recipient will get a unique online gift code that they can use when they have chosen their piece (or chosen to do a class in which case they will need to contact me for dates). This code is entered when they go through the regular purchasing process. They will be asked if they have a "promo code". They then put their unique code in and they will be able to put whatever value their gift card offers them. After that, I make the goods, package them up and send them out!


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