Walkies? Jack Russell Enamel Art

Jack Russell Terrier Enamel Art: Walkies?

This enamel wall hanging was inspired by my own little Holly, a gorgeous, impish, tiny little terrier that is a new addition to my gang of animals. Although Holly isn't orange and white, she's actually black and chocolate brown.

In order to get the clean lines of the dog, and to get the blackened border around the body I cut the dog out with a saw and enamelled it separately. Then when both the background and the dog were finished I put them together like a puzzle.

I used several different transparent blues, greens and yellows to get the background

Each limited edition piece will be slightly different as they are all made from scratch. But that is one of the things that makes them unique. And if you have a dog of a different colour I'm happy to change the colours to whatever your choice is!

Frame size: 40x30 cms (about 18" x 12")

Glass fronted box frame.

Copper panel size: 5x6 inches

FREE EU/UK delivery (other countries please contact me)


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