Sheep Portrait in Enamel - How To

This is a new design, being sent to The Heron Gallery in Schull, beautiful West Cork, in the next couple of days and I took some photos while making it.

It is about 13"x13" framed.
I haven't photographed every single stage, but the sheep was cut out of copper sheet. This is the face and ears having had powdered enamel sifted on. Now it needs to go into the kiln for firing.
Okay, it has been fired at this point. I think it was in for about 3 minutes at about 805 degrees.
The nose and eyes about to go into the kiln. Slightly transparent black is being used here.
Halfway there. Just seeing how it looks and making sure the pieces all fit together.
This is transparent orange frit (course glass). The chunks were a little too big so I'm crushing some here using a pestal and mortar. Its really important to do this with the frit under water because a chip might fly out and into your eye - so its best to wear glasses of some sort too.
This is the piece nearly finished - it is cooling off on a tile after being fired numerous times. And here is the drawing that I used. I did it as a sketch, scanned it into photoshop, adjusted the size, printed it off and traced it onto the copper - then it was cut out with a piercing saw (next time I'll upload photos of cutting the metal too).

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