Work in cats, how-to

Here are some photos of the black cat series of wall hangings. The first one is the copper tile that has already been fired twice: once with leaded white enamel, then again with flame red unleaded enamel. Beside it is the cat stencil that I"m about the use, along with a 100 mesh sifter.

Next, the stencil has been place in the right location on the tile and I"m sifting black opaque leaded enamel. 

This is how it looks when the enamel is sifted. A fairly even coat.

The stencil has been removed and the enamel is ready to fire at 800 degrees (celsius).

The tile was in the kiln for about 2.25 mins. When it comes out the red looks very black...just wait and the true colour will come up shortly.

Okay, here it is, ready to mount. You can see the white has gone a beautiful greenish colour. Those are the copper oxides mixing with the enamel.

And the kiln, temperature gauge and various other enamelling implements are here.

Another satisfied customer. Toni was raised by a cat in the DSPCA so she always approves of cat designs.

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