New York International Gift Fair - Some Seriously Gorgeous Stuff!!!

I was at NYIGF last week doing some research into whether or not I should apply to exhibit there next year. Wow, the quality of the goods on offer was incredible. 

My favourite design business at the whole show was Dermond Peterson based in Milwaukee: 

The colours and designs were stunning. Someone needs to start importing these prints and bags into Ireland fast. Bold colours, graphic designs, joyful subject matter...what's not to like?

As for New York itself, well, its great isn't it? That goes without saying really, but it was absolutely FREEZING! 

Ireland seems positively tropical by comparison - and that's really saying something since the icy wind here at the moment would nearly cut your ears right off.

Enough about blathering about the weather. Check out, it will put a smile on your face for sure!

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