Showcase Trade Fair 2013

Phew, thank goodness that trade fair is over, its so tiring!!! But worth the effort, and thanks to Strand Framing in Clonakilty, I had gorgeous box frames for my new enamel wall-hangings which went down really for the hard work of having to actually produce the orders by March - St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day seem to be the deadlines. I'm not even sure when Mother's Day is. 

There was snow during the fair but luckily not enough to stop buyers from arriving and I must say, the quality of the work in the Craft Council's Creative Island section was really amazing. I'll be uploading some photos and information about some of those exhibitors over the coming months so you can see for yourselves. Its just a shame that the Irish government are so on the back foot when it comes to appreciating what talent there is in the craft sector here, and invest almost nothing in it - I guess that's always going to happen when the "leaders" of this country (what a misnomer!!) spend their time kissing the backsides of German politicians and give their own countrymen and women two fingers. Well, nothing new there I suppose, the rest of us will just have to get on with it regardless. A friend of mine refers to the Taoiseach as Enda "talc-bottom" Kenny. Damn right Dec, I couldn't agree more!

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