When push came to shove

It looks like Winnie the Pooh is staying on with me and Toni and has firmly ensconced herself into our little group. When I was told a very nice family wanted to take her I felt the colour draining from my face - I had secretly hoped nobody would want her! In my anguish I begged the universe for a sign: should I keep her or should I let her go? After several hours no sign was forthcoming so I phoned my sister to ask her advice. She suggested that me bursting into tears down the phone and howling crying might actually be the sign I was looking for. 

She's obviously very wise, and as Toni seems to be happy chasing her up and down the stairs and yowling with her at high volume across the field, I decided Adrienne was right. So now our little group is three...

And if you want to know more about Sighthounds, and what great pets they make (trust me, I know!!), you should check out Sighthound Strolls: 


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