The Carolina Collection of Talismans

Saba Jewellery's New Range is Launched – Feminine with an Edge     

“It’s all about the spiritual side of ourselves – that parallel universe of energy, spirits, intuition –– that exists alongside us but keeps itself hidden from view.” So says Saba Jewellery designer, Geraldine Murphy, of her new monochromatic range, the Carolina Collection.
Skull Necklace

Two weeks in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina last summer inspired Geraldine to design this new collection as an addition to her Guaranteed Quirky range.

The Carolina Collection is a series of esoteric talismans with a very graphic design, depicting symbols that are meaningful, comforting and stylish.

The collection has more 3D elements than Geraldine’s other work, whilst maintaining the strong lines and shapes that she is known for.

“I was conscious of bringing the primary elements into the design of each piece,” says Geraldine, Fuschia Bracelet “which is why I
chose to use only black and white – oxidized sterling silver chains and white enamel, as well as pure, highly finished silver. For the black and white pieces I wanted to juxtapose light and dark – and silver is very strong symbolically as it is associated with the moon. It works both from an artistic perspective and from an allegorical one.

“Talismans, as purveyors of good luck, have deep meanings that come from ancient cultures and traditions,” Geraldine adds. “Look at Buddhist mandalas, Mexico's Day of the Dead, Tarot and Cabala symbols. We recognise these, they are comforting – and yet, a little bit edgy too.”

Does Geraldine have a spiritual side?

“Yes! think most people do. I’m quite a solitary person and need to spend a lot of time by myself, mooching around, gathering my thoughts. I meditate, I walk my dogs along the Dodder River, I read voraciously – all sorts of books as well as lots of books on spiritual topics. I don't know what or who is out there, but there is something out there for sure.”

The Carolina Collection is much more of a ‘fashion range’ than Geraldine normally designs.

“Black and white always works,” she says. “It looks chic and never goes out of style. This range can be worn with any colour, any neckline and for any occasion. I want the range to appeal both on a fashion and on an emotional level. Jewellery is a very personal thing.
Angel Wings Necklace
This range works for those who want to make a subtle statement, as well as those who want to make a big statement.”

The Carolina Collection, like all of Saba Jewellery, is handmade by Geraldine in Ireland.

Check out the collection by clicking here

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